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What sets us apart

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How is ConstructConnect different from other electronic tendering systems?

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Here are some of our unique features:

  • Keyword Search within Plans & Specifications
  • Design Team (Architect & Engineers) Contacts
  • Project Details (Work Type, Trades Required, etc.)
  • Construction Details (Area, Floors, Structures, Units, etc.)
  • Important Dates (Construction Start & Completion)



We are architects, contractors, engineers, LEED APs, project managers, estimators, programmers, developers, researchers – a combined 800 specialists in 10 offices across Canada and the U.S. Our diversity allows us to represent all parts of the building and design industry from an “inside” perspective, an advantage we feel is evident in the products we offer our customers.

Our team carefully updates your project information & documents

During the bidding stage, our dedicated researchers verify project details with primary sources online and, if needed, by phone and email. We constantly look for new tenders and updates, and our document acquisition team continuously monitors the availability of documents to ensure plans, specs and addenda are uploaded as quickly as possible.

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